October 28th, 2013


The return of the witches!


Just reflecting on the Salem witch-hunt that occurred some hundred years ago, and people are saying "how could people be so stupid?"

Well, are they that more intelligent today? I watched a reporter interview a group of students, and was frankly astounded at the stupidity of their answers. And remember, these were STUDENTS!

Knowledge is obviously not a linear development that goes from primitive to the more sophisticated, as this has not been the case in history.

For example, I believe that the ancient Greeks knew that the earth was round, but at medieval times it was flat.

So, obviously, the process is reversible.

So, can a witch-hunt be started today?

Naturally, as the point is, what do people believe? What concepts do they have? How do they know Coke is refreshing? That hill-billy's are stupid? That Al-Queada  did 9/11? Marketing, my friends, marketing! How do you get people to believe anything at all? Marketing! The basic philosophy of marketing is, that you should avoid at all cost to involve the intellect, as that is the enemy of any marketing attempt. Instead, the focus is on FEELINGS! Are you feeling insecure? No problem! Try this deodorant... And it's not only products, it's also lifestyles, philosophy, science, history, politics.

So, launching a marketing campaign to re-establish the existence of the Devil might not be as difficult as imagined, and once that's established, there is the question of what to do with his accomplices here on earth.....
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