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Decisions, decisions.....
Third week now of this nasty cold, I keep on coughing like Hank Williams, maybe it's time to give up smoking?
On the other hand, I gave up alcohol and drugs, isn't that enough?

As the saying goes, old habits die hard.

My sister is in a worse state than me, the doctors wanted to admit her into hospital, but she declined, there is a stubborn streak in this here family. She's better today, praise the gods (observe: this expression does not differentiate between different sexes)

Reflecting on matters outside myself (whew, that's a relief!) the conclusion draws ever nearer that we in fact do not live in the twenty-first century at all, but in the new fifteenth!

In the fifteenth century, the main source of information came from the clergy, as they were among the few that could read anyway, and they passed on information they saw fit to the general populace, kingly decrees biblical stories, warning about witches, et al...

Today we don't have to listen to the priests, but their role has been overtaken by the mainstream media, who tell us what to think, tell us what is important etc.

If we really want to find out what is really happening, we must descend into the Underground (aka Internet)
and plow our way between information as well as des-information (yes, they are there too) and by virtue of our own analytical ability, find out for ourselves.

There is comfort in sharing a widely-held belief, but it doesn't become any less an illusion.

Oleander 56

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I've always said that the Internet is like an infinite supergalactic library with a pervert standing at the end of each row of books. If you can navigate through the weirdos, liars, and fools, enlightenment is there for the taking.

"With a pervert.." that's an amusing picture you paint. Cleverly put my dear...

Yours truly

Oleander 56

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